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Team UNC Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $16,331.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 30
Members Recruited: 117

Join our team and help support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network!

Thank you for supporting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

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To support one of our team members by making a donation to their page, click their name on the list below and then click "Give Now" on the right-hand side of their page!

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Team Members:
Total Raised$16,331.00  
General Team Donation$1,013.00  
Tammy Triglianos$1,240.00  
Autumn McRee$805.00  
   Nancy Atkinson$25.00  
   Karen Barfield$75.00  
   Gary Bayer$25.00  
   Cody Benton$15.00  
   Lindsay Benton$30.00  
   Samantha Benton$15.00  
   Rick Brannon$75.00  
   Steven Brown$25.00  
   Liz Buchman$75.00  
   Sheila Burgard$25.00  
   Eboneť Butler$25.00  
   Susan Campbell$280.00  
   Clare Cannon$30.00  
   Kathleen Cannon$30.00  
   Lori Cannon$30.00  
   Marleigh Cannon$30.00  
   Michael Cannon$30.00  
   Chris Carter$30.00  
   Jim Carter$30.00  
   Sam Carter$33.00  
   Theresa Ceesay$100.00  
   Dorothy Chappell$345.00  
   Nancy Cohn$95.00  
   Trevor Colvin$75.00  
   Holli Crawford$25.00  
   John Denardo$100.00  
   Thomas Denardo$25.00  
   Theresa DiNardo brown$25.00  
   Chelsea Dodson$105.00  
   Anna Droese$10.00  
   Jean Droese$25.00  
   Leila Family$25.00  
   Joseph Frederick$50.00  
   Margey Frederick$25.00  
   jeff Galloway$75.00  
   Adam Gardner$25.00  
   claire giordano$30.00  
   Peter Green$115.00  
   Catherine Griffin$50.00  
   Maeve Gualtieri-Reed$25.00  
   Carrie Guest$25.00  
   Thomas Guest$25.00  
   Melissa Haines$25.00  
   Hayden Harrelson$25.00  
   Tyler Harrelson$25.00  
   Kelly Hernandez$25.00  
   Andrew HoTong$80.00  
   Anthony Hotong$25.00  
   Bettie HoTong$3,450.00  
   Rachel HoTong$60.00  
   Claire Howes$25.00  
   Steve Hussey$25.00  
   Lisa Johnson$155.00  
   Will Johnson$30.00  
   Sue Kavanagh$30.00  
   Sharon Kelly$275.00  
   Vick Kelly$275.00  
   Dana Kim$25.00  
   Hong Jin Kim$125.00  
   Gina Lacava$30.00  
   Mike Lewis$75.00  
   Jenny Lund$90.00  
   Russell Mccormick$25.00  
   Craig McDuffie$25.00  
   Aaron McRee$30.00  
   Eric Moe$30.00  
   Caroline Murphy$25.00  
   Gus Neville$25.00  
   sally nisser$210.00  
   Jacqueline Parks$30.00  
   Michael Parks$15.00  
   Leon Patillo$25.00  
   cheryl payton$40.00  
   Ana Rider$25.00  
   Cathy Robinson$75.00  
   Joe Robinson$75.00  
   Peter Samai$75.00  
   Hanna Sanoff$75.00  
   Katie Sanoff$10.00  
   Louisa Sanoff$10.00  
   Scott Sanoff$25.00  
   dina schnellinger$25.00  
   Elizabeth Schnellinger$25.00  
   Michael Schnellinger$25.00  
   Joseph Schwab$25.00  
   Peter Schwab$25.00  
   Terry Schwab$1,935.00  
   Valorie Schwarzmann$25.00  
   Abby Seagroves$25.00  
   Drew Seagroves$25.00  
   Judi Seagroves$150.00  
   Mary Seagroves$150.00  
   Nancy Seagroves$25.00  
   Pete Seagroves$50.00  
   Sarah Seagroves$25.00  
   Ted Seagroves$1,795.00  
   Amy Seagroves Benton$25.00  
   Cecile Skrzynia$55.00  
   Larry Smith$50.00  
   Charlie Sumner$30.00  
   Christina Sumner$30.00  
   Linda Thomason$50.00  
   Jeffrey Tillman$30.00  
   Elmine van den Berg$90.00  
   Joan Van Ord$55.00  
   Jennifer Vanderpoel$25.00  
   Keith Vanderpoel$25.00  
   Kyle Vanderpoel$25.00  
   Taryn Vanderpoel$25.00  
   Phil Warren$75.00  
   Lynn Wieser$25.00  
   Roy Williams$50.00  
   Wanda Williams$50.00  
   Mary Wolf$40.00  
   Carin Zakes$130.00  

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